This thing worth 10 rupees is not less than poison for children, is it your favorite too?

 In the hectic life, instant noodles have become an important part of people’s breakfast or evening snacks. Apart from this, whenever there is a shortage of time with the parents, they immediately boil noodles for the children. There are many types of noodles in the market which have different flavors which are liked by children as well as adults. But we have to stop for a while and think that are noodles safe for our kids? Should we really be eating this instant food item ourselves?

need to be alert

We need to be careful about these food items, which are ready in two to four minutes in oven or gas because it is made from maida. Although now flour noodles have also started coming, but in the name of enhancing the taste, the highly processed chemicals present in them are not good for health. There is absolutely no amount of nutrition in them. With this, hunger can be driven away for only a few hours. 

troublesome process

Instant noodles are first steamed and then deep fried. So that they can remain edible for many months. By doing this, the amount of trans fat in it often increases. Its use in children may cause weight gain. Apart from this, the wax coating on the noodles can be very harmful for children. 

risk of these diseases

The wax coating in the noodles can damage the liver of children. Noodles have to be dried and kept completely dry. In such a situation, the Noodle Makers companies also want their product to remain dry as well as retain the moisture present in it. For this, propylene glycol is added to the noodles. This propylene glycol is not at all suitable for children’s heart. If used for a long time, children can have diseases related to heart, liver and kidney.

It’s no less dangerous

The monosodium glutamate present in noodles is a harmful chemical that can damage the brain. It is put in the name of increasing the flavor. To keep the noodles safe, a lot of salt is used in it so that it remains a preserve, which can damage the vital organs of children.

Apart from all these, chemicals like dioxin and plasticizers are found in instant noodles which remain present even after the noodles are cooked. Using them can cause a lot of harm to your baby, but it also increases the risk of getting cancer.

Use it if needed

If you are already using noodles, then wash them with water for a very long time. Boil them well and drain the water completely so that the extra fat present in it comes out completely. Use good oil while cooking them. 

boycott for health

To avoid harm to health from such products, you can use organic noodles. Which contains less fat. According to food experts, harmful chemicals are also present in very small amounts in it. On the other hand, instead of any kind of noodles, you can also use healthy diet like poha, porridge, dry fruits and oats etc.

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